Sunday, January 11, 2015

Winter Weather

I am sorry I have not posted in so long - I have been really busy! Due to a small miracle I finished the coop over winter break. It now has an inside and an outside section and a ramp in between! There is lots of hay to keep them warm, a hanging feeder and a hanging waterer. The chickens moved outside a week ago - of course that was right in time for the brutally cold weather. So far they have been doing fine. Every morning I take them oatmeal - I highly recommend it. Today I made my chickens rice, spinach and banana (make sure you cook it all VERY well). They really enjoyed both of these treats!

I have also acquired some petroleum jelly to rub on their combs and wattles. This protects them from moisture in the air so the combs and wattles do not freeze - that is always a good thing! Currently they are happy and outside - here are some updated pictures:

The dogs (Lucy and Sadie) LOVE the chickens

A chickens point of view

The dogs again

Lucy (a white crested blue polish chicken) 
Ethel has a big personality!

Headed outside

Ricky (a black frizzled cochin bantam) heads down the ramp

Four of the six chickens

Fred likes the camera!

Ethel heading outside

I will keep everyone updated on how the chickens like the winter weather! If you read this and have any comments about chickens or the blog in general that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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