Tuesday, November 18, 2014


As expected the chickens are growing fast and eating a ton of  food! Check out the pictures below:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The chickens are all doing well - I just wanted to give an update. They have grown massive amounts and are eating so much food I can hardly keep up. As they are enjoying themselves inside eating I spent all of last weekend outside working on the chicken coop.

As I have mentioned before, building a chicken coop was not as easy as it looked. This weekend I attached the structure I had constructed earlier to the foundation I built last week. I also built a frame for a slanted roof, attached that to the structure and attached corrugated metal roofing to the top of the frame (this was the first time the coop even started to look remotely like anything a chicken could live in). I also built the frame for one of the doors. While this may seem like a lot - I still have a lot ahead of me.  

This process has really helped me appreciate all the farmers I have talked too. I am having a hard time with 6 chickens, I can not even imagine farms full of vegetables and animals. Next time I go to the farmers market and buy eggs, vegetables fruits etc. I am going to think about how much work went into producing that one item of food, I never had any idea of the work involved before I got my chickens - I guess I assumed it was easier, This has been such an eye opener.

So, stay tuned for more chicken updates (they go outside in three weeks!), updates on the tedious coop building and last but not least more updates on the wonderful Urban farms surrounding Richmond VA.