Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today was the big day! The chickens arrived. It was a very comical arrival. The post office called mid morning and told us, as if it happened every day, that our chickens had arrived and were waiting in the back room. Once we got to the post office we asked about picking up the chickens. The person working went in to the back room and brought us a very very small box! The box had holes in the top and warning stickers and signs pasted all over it. They handed the box over slowly and I could hear the peeps coming from inside the box. We must have looked very funny walking out of the Post Office with a cheeping box covered in warning signs because we got our fair share of funny looks.

As of now all the chickens appear to be healthy. When we opened the box they were cheeping and lively. There is one little one who is getting picked on by the bigger ones but I hope she will start to fight back soon. Below are some pictures of the chickens in the box they came in:

 Once we got them home we had to carefully transfer them in to the prepared brooder box.  I had a big box that I filled with pine wood chips. There is a picture below:

I had also prepared a feeder and a water machine filled with fresh water and medicated chick feed. The chicks really do have bird brains and it took me sticking their beaks in the water and shoving their faces in the food from them to realize they had access to food and water. When they found out they begin to run around in a feeding  frenzy. They have everything they need in their box: heat, food, water, wood chips, treats and essential oil to calm them. Everything is working out so far! In 2 weeks I am visiting Faith Farms, a local and sustainable dairy farm. I will have a blog about that soon. Stay posted!

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